Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...For Texture

          So it's been a while since i posted anything for....well anything. I've recently had to go part time at work (and i mean über part time...) so i could have excess time to get caught up with school work and everything else that has since been let go.

          So as i'm taking a break from the extremely large amount of demonstrational videos i've been watching, i figure i'll post some stuff on my blog and hopefully keep it up as the semester progresses.

          So the only thing that i really have to show so far is the "Alley Project" that was the first half of my Texture & Lighting course (finishing it counted as my midterm). We were given a blank model (basically the wall, door, handle, curb/street, and pipe attached to the wall), and have to add our own elements to it as well as create textures for everything using only photographs we take with out digital cameras.

          I'm not going to post all the pictures i used, but i will post the 'color' files for the wall and street so you can see what it all looks like.

          So the first image we have is called a "Beauty Pass" where it renders everything in view, applies any textures added to materials, and renders shadows based on the lighting situation. This image was rendered in MentalRay (so the shadows aren't so dark and there's some light bouncing happening). But for the most part, it's very simple.

          This pass is called "Ambient Occlusion" and it basically reads the proximety of objects to one another and adds shading depending on that data (it's also refered to as a "Dirt Layer/Pass"). This is usually rendered in it's own layer and multiplied over the Beauty Pass to add extra shading and light imitation.

          So when you put the two layers together you end up with this image. There's subtle differences, but you can still notice a difference between the two.

          I went ahead and did the same scene but at two different times - just to see how the lighting can kind of change your perception of the textures applied to the objects.

          I'll possibly post more about this later down the road....maybe even take a whole new set of pictures and redo all the textures - maybe.

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