Wednesday, April 28, 2010


          So this is a well overdue assignment for my Texture & Lighting class - though it's been done for a little while, it's been overdue to be posted on my blog for your eyes to see. What the project is, is that we're given a model of a pumpkin (as you can plainly see) and using only a noiseNode and adjusting the settings of that and the PhongE shader (so no actual 'texture' file used) we have to make a 'Chocolate', 'Copper', 'Leather', & 'Orange Peel' pumpkin. It's to teach us how things can be achieved using nothing but procedural textures. They should be pretty obvious which pumpkin is which material, but the only one i couldn't pin down is the Copper one - to me it still looks like a milk chocolatey kind of material.

-- Enjoy

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