Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tip Of The....Iceberg?

          Okay, rather than try and include everythig in one long ass post, i think i'll chip away at it till i'm all caught up (Usher). So a lot of things have happened since my last post way the fuck back in October; I switched jobs (from building roof and floor trusses to being a waiter in a restaurant), I barely passed my classes last semester (one i actually got 'administratively dropped' because things were so hectic i had technically been 'absent' for 3 weeks), and some other things that can't be quickly summarized.

          The job thing really isn't all that important, it's a typical job change - miss the guys i used to work with and love some of the regulars at my new job (and the extra cash and not having tax taken out of wages doesn't hurt either......not till April 16th anyway).

I've been working on a lot of things (mostly in the concept stage tho) like the collaboration with my friend DJ with using Sonic characters and elements to recreate the "Death To Aeris" scene from Final Fantasy 7. I've been chipping away at the major "Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy" story i've been working on....i won't be comfortable doing anything in the 3D realm until i've got another few classes or semesters of Maya under my belt (and certain 2D artists quit dragging their feet *cough*DJ*cough*).

          I've already registered for the Spring '10 semester, and i'll be taking ALL MAYA CLASSES (finally). I've got a class on Rigging, one on Lighting & Texturing, and my last one is Organic Modeling (using Multi-patch techniques and what-have-you). So i'm really looking forward to all of those classes (especially the Light/Texture cuz i usually spend a good amount of time on that anyway just for fun).

          This semester feels like it's going to be a good semester, all classes that involve maya (so actually having to be home to use clay or charcoal/canvas isn't the slightes bit of an issue). My Tax return should be pretty good, so that'll probably go to flying some friends out during spring break or my birthday. And the way my work schedule is and my 'projected' schedule for working on school, i'll probably have a good amount of time to go to the gym on a regular basis (i really love running and would like to, as goofy as it sounds, fill my shirt a little more.....too bad there's no excersize i can do to fill my underwear a little more - "Ladies, am i right?"

          Well that's about all i've really got to say, the sparknotes version anyway, and the next post, now that i'll be taking my laptop to a job that has WiFi, shouldn't be too far off and should be pretty frequent.

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